Radiance · Yellow

Radiance collectables; under directional spotlights

Radiance · Yellow

Radiance collectables explore the moment a sunset expresses its full intensity in colour, creating a raw emotional bond with the viewer. All three editions were exhibited at the 2018 London Design Biennale at Somerset House.

Each sculpture consists of 6 dual-layered glass planes sitting in an illuminated acrylic ‘solar’ cross-section; in this gallery setting spotlights take the place of the real sun, passing additional light through the glass layers. The result is a wonderful series of concentric arcs of colour and reflection across each surface when viewed from any position. Gradients of coloured light spill out across the floor, created by the glass layers that act to intensify the colour.

Every layer of glass is carefully engineered and beautifully finished to provide a micro and macro level of aesthetics, allowing viewers to lose themselves in the perfection of the moment representing the cycle of planetary rotation whilst orbiting our nearest star. Each sculpture has been created to also interact with daylight; they can be positioned near a large window allowing real sunshine to create bold arcs of colour that slowly drift through the space.

Careful exploration of colour combinations has resulted in less obvious representations of the infinite hues found in sunsets as the photons interact with the atmospheric particles they pass through before reaching our eye. Each Radiance edition shows a range of colour that is both recognisable and yet unique; a fleeting moment frozen in raw colour.

Price on enquiry: collectables@haberdashery.com