Case Study · Kuroshio Eddy

Kuroshio Fall Sculpture
Gold, gold edge and white finishes

Kuroshio is a bespoke Leaf Eddy sculpture which brings a natural element to a minimal space.

The client briefed us to create a wall sculpture to emphasise the eco credentials of the build whilst maintaining the clean minimal aesthetic of the space. The concept was to take the naturalistic leaf shapes and contain them within a structured, energetic composition therefore emphasizing the synergy between the natural and the man made on the project.

Client: Multinational HQ (confidential)
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Leaves: 225 Leaves – 100 Gold Edge / 50 Gold Face / 75 White
Leaf Fixing: Standard ‘Eddy’ – 14ct gold plated
Wall Fixing: Standard dowel screw fixing
Dimensions: 4500mm (height) x 4300mm (width) x 50mm (depth)