Introvert Extrovert

Introvert Extrovert, extrovert state
Introvert Extrovert, introvert state
Introvert Extrovert large, extrovert state
Introvert Extrovert small in introvert state & large in extrovert state)
Introvert Extrovert large in introvert state & small in extrovert state
Introvert Extrovert small in extrovert state & large in introvert state

Introvert Extrovert

One Object; two states of being. Our new Duality collection allows you to transition between two distinct identities.

Introvert Extrovert is the first range in our new Duality collection, which starts its conceptual journey from a simple statement. One object; two states of being.

For our first range we have explored the dynamic interplay between Introverted and Extroverted states of being. This is realised through two connected but independent illuminated elliptical forms allowing different moods to be expressed within a space.

The Introvert state is represented by the smaller, freely-rotating internal circle emitting an inward-facing white light. The Extrovert state is realised through the large, outer, elliptical element which projects outward radiating light, tinted with arresting blushes of pink and orange.

The use of dimming is sophisticatedly deployed in the product to not only control the light level but to also transition between the two states.

Available in 3 sizes it can work on its own above a table or as a cluster in an atrium space appealing to architects and interior designers.

Larger clusters or configurations can be developed to suit individual project requirements. Standard drop heights range from 580 – 2000mm, longer drop heights are available upon request.