Dawn to Dusk

Dawn to Dusk table and floor lamp
Dawn to Dusk floor lamp
Dawn to Dusk table lamp
Dawn to Dusk table and floor lamp
Dawn to Dusk table and floor lamp

Dawn to Dusk

The award-winning Dawn to Dusk range evokes the memory of the rising and setting sun and the transition from deep, rich reds and orange, into peach hues then through to the white light of midday.

Available as table and floor standing lamps, the diffused circular light source is manually moved up and down to create a warm ambience, or a functional 2700K task light that can be faced into a room or cast up a wall.

Dawn to Dusk provides an iconic design statement through its minimal aesthetic and is an exploration of new ways to interact with light. Uncluttered by cables and free of traditional on/off switches, Dawn to Dusk gives you the opportunity to lift the sun from below the horizon and place it in the sky.

Dawn to Dusk has been awarded platinum in the European Product Design Awards and has won the coveted ‘Best of the best’ Red Dot Award 2019 for product design along with leading design houses including Apple, Sony and LG..