Dawn to Dusk · Wall Mounted

Dawn to Dusk Wall Mounted
Dawn to Dusk Wall Mounted
Dawn to Dusk Wall Mounted, full white
Dawn to Dusk Wall Mounted, off state

The Dawn to Dusk range evokes the memory of the rising and setting sun and the transition from deep, rich reds and oranges, into peach hues then through to the white light of midday.

Extending the Dawn to Dusk range, the 1-metre diameter wall mounted version has been developed as a focal point for an interior space, bathing it in warm red hues of the sunrise through to bright white of the midday sun, bringing the outdoors inside to incredible effect.

Maintaining the lighting function and minimal aesthetic of the award-winning floor and table lamps the wall version is operated using industry standard 0/10v dimming allowing the user to control the light output to suit their mood or requirements.

The high-quality ice white Corian diffuser gives an even diffusion of the integrated LED’s across its surface. The product can be installed with either a direct connection to mains power, maintaining the minimal aesthetic or with a simple power cable and plug.

Launching January 2020