Bauhaus · Buckley Gray Yeoman


Bauhaus · Buckley Gray Yeoman

A celebration of design simplicity in light and form

‘Bauhaus’ provides a crisp, refined and minimal light presence through a seven storey stairwell in Shoreditch’s Arnold House. Celebrating the purposeful aesthetic defined by the early 20th-century movement, forty cylinders of warm white light cascade through the central stairwell, each dipped in a warm red hue adding a bold dose of colour to the interior, increasing in saturation as the evening unfolds.

Descending almost 30 metres, the perspective is almost infinite when viewed from the ground floor – each fluted glass and black anodised construction gently illuminating the dramatic staircase that frames them.Every Bauhaus pendant is a bespoke assembly of Schott Conturax fluted glass tube, housing an array of efficient Tridonic EXC type LEDs at a neutral 3000K colour temperature.

Cree XP-based LED sources to provide the additional rich red hues emitted from the base of each pendant. A custom cable assembly provides power and suspension for each chain of pendants, along with the DALI lighting control cabling.The light levels were calculated and tested to allow Bauhaus to be sufficient for use as emergency lighting for the stairwell when running from the buildings’ standby generator.

‘Bauhaus’ is our expression of a process where things are removed in ruthless fashion until you end up with the simplest form of design answering your original need.