Who we are

Haberdashery is an award-winning London based design studio focused on the perpetual appeal of light. We have a 25+ team qualified in industrial or product design, engineering, research and product development. We all share a love of light and push ourselves to find new ways to harness it to transform how we perceive space, colour and form. For over a decade, we have circumnavigated the world, delivering more than 450 projects, and installing our designs in diverse, challenging and unique locations in over 30 countries.

Through our bespoke sculptures and our collection we invite people into the world of haberdashery transforming our familiar surroundings using light as a poetic language of expression.

What we do

Haberdashery studio weaves light to create emotional connections with an audience. By challenging what is possible with light through the creative use of the latest technologies and materials, blended with age-old techniques and effects, we develop carefully researched narratives into our award-winning sculptures and our collection.

We are stimulated by moments that make the hair on your neck stand up; when time slows down and you can lose yourself in a moment. As a universally understood medium light has the ability to communicate with all sorts of audience. Through colour and tone we can reach into the subconscious and draw on memories, challenge learnt responses and question preconceived ideas regarding what we need light for, and what its potential uses are.

How we do it

We prioritise creative thinking based on research and experimentation to challenge conventions and create original designs. Whether designing for our collection or for our clients we seek out inspiring narratives which inform each of our designs. Our creative voice is strong, but we are also adept at collaborating with clients who commission us in order to go on a journey of discovery together. Every design to come out of our studio is based on sound engineering mixed with the inspired handling of light as a medium.

We believe light is a transformative power in the world, helping to transform our experiences of the spaces we occupy. We challenge what is possible with light. As a design studio we are passionate about the possibilities of this medium; through research and experimentation, we discover inspiration for ideas that evolve into award-winning landmark sculptures and our collection, all with light at their heart. Every idea is delivered with genuine love, care and attention to detail.


  • 1508 London
  • British Film Institute
  • British Land
  • Buckley Gray Yeoman
  • Candy&Candy
  • Carlisle Design Studio
  • Changi Airport Group
  • Clivedale London
  • Foster + Partners
  • Gettys
  • Heston Blumenthal
  • HBA
  • House of Saint Barnabas
  • James Sellar
  • Katharine Pooley
  • Luxlo
  • Martin Kemp Design
  • MGM Resorts
  • Newnham College
  • Oleg Klodt
  • One Hyde Park London
  • Qatar Airways
  • Qatari Diar
  • Selfridges & Co
  • Siam Piwat
  • Squire & Partners
  • Stella McCartney
  • Studio Indigo
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  • Virgin Airways