Job description: Mid/Senior Level Industrial/Product Designer

Hours of work: 9.00 – 18.00

Place of work: The Print House, 18-22 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL

Reports to: Design Director

Haberdashery is an East London based consultancy who converge art, design and technology. We make lighting based sculptures, products and experiences for a range of high profile clients.

We are looking for a Mid to Senior level industrial/product designer who can provide intelligent and informed design decisions, you need to be able to guide and be fully responsible for your own projects and also work within our team of 20, taking guidance and providing input within a collaborative.

We design, manufacture and assemble all of our work, so proven hands-on experience is essential as well as a solid understanding of materials, manufacturing methods and techniques.

Haberdashery pride ourselves on our staff retention and we are always looking for exciting and diverse talent to join our expanding studio.


Key responsibilities will include: 

• design and production

• make amazing light products and sculptures!

• ensure continuous development of haberdashery products from concept through to manufacture

• develop any necessary prototypes

• develop all required visuals and presentations to effectively communicate the greater design and its details within the guidelines of the haberdashery visual identity.

• develop electrical, mechanical and software specifications and solutions.

• develop all solid models, assemblies and drawing files for suppliers (Autodesk Inventor or similar) according to the studio templates and best practice.

• work closely with suppliers to ensure all works are made according to mechanical, material, and finishing specifications.

• delegate where appropriate to achieve all the above items.

• with assistance from the Production Team, plan and manage all aspects of the Assembly and Installation of your projects.



• Ability to take direction and to interpret client briefs

• Clear and professional written and oral communication


Project management

• Manage your time and the time of others working below you to ensure that your project is delivered on schedule and within time constraints.

• Manage your production budget to ensure that projects are delivered within their total costs budget.

• Obtain competitive quotes from relevant suppliers and research new suppliers.

• Report to the directors about your projects’ performance.

• Ensure your projects are properly documented and communicated to the project team as well as the client.

• Where appropriate, to delegate tasks to other staff

• Lead others in the project team by example.


Required experience / Technical requirements – these should be demonstrated in your portfolio

Minimum three years’ experience in the following areas:

• Work experience as professional industrial / product designer and maker - experience in high-end market would be a bonus.

• Autodesk Inventor (or similar) parts, assemblies and drawings (this is an essential requirement)

• Adobe suite and MS Office

• Basic to intermediate electrical prototyping, wiring and layout

• Evidenced experience in mechanical design and design for manufacture – Large scale would be a plus

• Model making

• Knowledge of materials and finishes/processes

• Portfolio MUST demonstrate evidence of completed, built projects. Showing renderings is great, but we will not consider applicants that do not demonstrate built work. To apply, please send a cover letter, CV and portfolio (portfolio to be no longer than 25 pages.


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