Origin of Wonder

Haberdashery created the 'Origin of Wonder' sculpture for the Wonder Room at Selfridges London on Oxford Street.

This latest sculpture explores the processes involved in extracting and refining the precious metals and gems into finely detailed objects of desire via a series of intricate graphics across more than 1000 photo-etched brass panels. These are arranged around a 20m diameter circular formation, suspended above Europe's most prestigious retail space.

The sculpture flows between three distinct chapters: the 'Origin of wonder', 'Savoir-faire & craftsmanship' and the 'Illuminated article'  and was installed over a 5 night period during out of Selfridges store hours.

'Origin of Wonder' is a perfect example of how we apply a highly creative, narrative-led process through a detailed approach to management and logistics to create stunning, original artworks in complex environments. A time lapse video of the install can be viewed here.

Chrysalis Marquise