The magic of light and shadow

Haberdashery developed a pair of kinetic sculptures that play with light and shadow for MGM Resorts International, in the ARIA Resort and Casino, Las Vegas.

Marquise was created from polished brass layers, lasercut with an intricate pattern to project gently moving moire patterns on the surrounding environment. Grasping the precision machined handle, the sculpture is rotated slowly by the viewer, with carefully chosen bearings and the weight of the piece itself providing a satisfying resistance to motion. Whilst the 'gem' rotates in the direction of the handle twist, a concealed gear system turns a smaller 'gem' inside the sculpture in the opposite direction, playing with the illumination from within. To be experienced in the north and west vestibule of the VIP entrance of the ARIA Resort and Casino; please view a short video here.

The Play of Brilliants Laurel Sculpture