The outward appearance or apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different.

Haberdashery were commissioned by Martin Kemp Design for Luxlo to create a sculpture for the reception area of their new Mayfair 77 development built by McLaren Construction.

When we witness the sun breaking free from a canopy of clouds we experience a mini revelation; the world is renewed, and with it a sense of optimism that sunshine can bring. Even if this is only for a fleeting moment, the effect is uplifting and inspiring.

As one enters the reception area 8000 Borosilicate glass tubes mimic the effect of light breaking around the edge of a cloud. The undulating surface echoes the underside of a cloud canopy, the tip of each tube acting as a light pipe transferring a glow of light to its circular edge like a miniature halo. The sculpture’s lighting programming enhances this effect by following a 24hr sequence based on an astronomical clock, with selected scenes adding subtle changes throughout the day.