Zoot Woman

Its hip to be square again so they say.

We collaborated with synth pop band Zoot Woman to create the sleeve designs for their new album and singles. The brief; to create a surprising and timeless statement.  Our approach?  Lets mess with bubbles and create cubes instead of spheres (what we now call a squbble). By carefully forming bubbles within cube shaped frames you can achieve perfect, cube shaped bubble forms. To ensure a stable bubble several secret lubrication-based ingredients purchased were sourced from German websites and were blended into what we can only describe as the worlds most potent bubble mixture. And then the fun began! Although several perfect, clinical bubbles were created and photographed, the band liked some of the early versions which were more raw, and so these were evolved into a series of sleeve designs for print and online. The project sums up the spirit of Hablab; playful experimentation in order to create a stunning effect with light.