Lightvert is a digital out of home (DOOH) media technology company spun out from Haberdashery’s collaborative works with Chris Levine. Lightvert’s first product, ECHO, produces hyper-scale digital images in prime international locations.

Patented (pending) globally, ECHO is uniquely positioned to revolutionise the $13B Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Advertising industry, which is projected to experience 16% CAGR through 2022.

ECHO innovation creates the worlds largest digital images from a single, vertical line of light measuring only 200mm wide and up to 200 meters tall. It does this through an innovative application of the Persistance of Vision (PoV) effect. This allows us to unlock new premier display location opportunities in otherwise saturated high value locations. 

PoV is a natural phenomenon of human vision, where any bright light leaves a temporary imprint in the viewer’s retina. Lightvert uses this effect to temporarily imprint an image in the viewer’s eye. ECHO hardware works in conjunction with the natural saccade movements of , using only a single vertical strip of light.

ECHO revolutionises OOH for global brands through:

- High-impact / Large-scale images up to 200m tall.

- Lowers planning permission barriers & unlocks new premier display locations.

- Provides a gateway opportunity to a richer, layered media experience, for deeper customer engagement and interaction.

- Access to high-value customers, establishing a platform to build out a larger interactive DOOH media technology business.

To date we have:

- Successfully built and privately demonstrated several proof of concept system establishing that there is a strong interest from the advertising industry and property owners.

- We have been awarded £250,000 the Innovate UK SMART Grant Patented ECHO technology in 11 countries.

- Assembled a complete team to lead the business forward through seed round.

- Completed a business plan, operations plan, and 5-year financial model for Lightvert Ltd.

Please contact Daniel.Siden at with any enquiries. And check video here