DiscoDisco - edition of 10

DiscoDisco is a sound reactive 21st century disco ball, shortlisted for the DARC lighting awards.

The development of the sculpture was initiated by creative entrepreneur Alex Asseily, and initially explored by design company Goodwin Hartshorn. Haberdashery have developed the concept into a fully functioning, sound reactive sculpture that floods walls, floors and ceilings with delicate dancing light.  

A modular system of acrylic fins that act as light pipes directing programmable LED light towards lo-fi pixelated surfaces are then arranged on a circular ring that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The sculpture can respond to a line in playing a soundtrack, or to a microphone allowing direct user interaction. Carefully designed algorythmns allow visual feedback from a whisper through to a primordial scream to be equally as engaging.

Although currently a circular wall mounted sculpture, the modular nature allows the fins to be positioned on far longer 'spines' that could run down a corridor or up vertically through an atrium space. The sculpture could also be programmed to respond to a wide range of outside triggers, only limited by the imagination!

DiscoDisco is has been shortlisted for a Darc award, and can be viewed at Design Junction and at the John Cullen Lighting store during the London Design Festival 2015.

We are delighted to offer DiscoDisco as a limited edition of 10. Each sculpture is made to order and available for £30,000 + VAT. Haberdashery can organise for deliver and installation to any part of the world, and are happy to quote on this after confirming the suitability of your desired install location; please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

You can see DiscoDisco at the Serena Morton Gallery where it will be accompanying the fantastic Bill Bernstein collection of photographs documenting the New York Disco era. The exhibition runs from the 4th December until 23rd January.

See our licensing document here