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HabLab is the experimentation programme which fuels Haberdashery; a forum for exploration through R+D that then feeds into bespoke projects, product development and light based IP. 

Patented designs in development such as Lightvert and Laserpod form the backbone of the work carried out within Hablab; these innovative new technologies are fast tracked from concept towards reality with the support of outside partners and investment.

Collaborations have always formed the backbone of the Haberdashery approach to creativity; we celebrate our fellow creatives, and take on a number of projects every year that we feel either keep us stimulated, or add a new string to our bow. Haberdashery have an ongoing commitment to producing artworks and are represented by the Serena Morton Gallery, with senior designer Josh Space leading the development of a key landmark sculpture or collection each year.

We have recently tried out an a rapid internal programme devised to take inspirational ideas from the imaginations of our designers through to a proof of concept stage in just 10 weeks. Still in its infancy as a concept, we aim for this 10 week vehicle will be rebooted for 2016.



collaborationsDiscoDisco - edition of 10


collaborationsZoot Woman

10 weeks programmeGoni

collaborationsBBC iPlayer Ident

10 weeks programmeChinese lantern

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